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with the shadows by alex-29 with the shadows :iconalex-29:alex-29 116 11 Son of Poseidon by StaticColour Son of Poseidon :iconstaticcolour:StaticColour 177 21 SOLANGELO CANON MOMENT by BrunaGonda SOLANGELO CANON MOMENT :iconbrunagonda:BrunaGonda 178 11 Sun and Moon by cookiecreation Sun and Moon :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 173 4
Lucifer x Reader x Gabriel - Lucifer's Angel
"Gabriel! Gabriel no!!"
Dean tried to hold you back, what was really difficult because you always were a bit sensitive if it was about the safety of an angel. Especially one of your favorites.
"(f/n)! He's...  (f/n) come BACK!" Dean shouted, while he lost his grip and you freed yourself, immediately dashing back inside the hotel.
Breathless you ran through the lobby.
A blinding white light shone through the doors to the ballroom, and you had to close your eyes.
Nontheless you kept moving forward and pushed the doors open, barely holding back a cry.
Lucifer stood over his little brother, shoulders shaking with heavy breaths, hand still loosely gripping at the silver blade.
"" You whispered, kneeling down beside him, careful not to step on the marks his wings had left on the ground.
"No..." your fingers searched his pulse, checked his breathing, even though you knew there wouldn't be any.
Not anymore.
Crying, you slumped over his lifeless vessel, sadn
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 253 42
Fluff by cookiecreation Fluff :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 354 12 Welcome to Club Half-Blood (Love Song) by allarica Welcome to Club Half-Blood (Love Song) :iconallarica:allarica 52 9
Supernatural X Reader
*3rd Person’s POV*
Dean and Sam swiftly and silently made their way to the entrance of an abandoned warehouse, Castiel following closely behind with his angel blade out. With a nod the males silently entered the warehouse, their senses going overboard as they followed the sounds of laughing and chanting. They arrived into a large room where there were five females smirking at each other, and a sixth girl was tied to a chair in the middle of the room with a terrified expression on her face. Castiel frowned, feeling the female’s fear and confusion. Before Sam and Dean could do anything however, one of the witches began to chant, and before long the female that was tied up began to twitch and her eyes widened. Her hands clenched and she began to swallow, and Sam swore he saw tears on her cheeks. After a few seconds she began to cry out, her screams echoing around the room. Before long her skin began to burn in places, and Dean made to leap forward, however Cas suddenly held hi
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 19 9
Happy birthday Leo!! by Tamaytka Happy birthday Leo!! :icontamaytka:Tamaytka 55 11
Supernatural: Archangels X Reader
I sighed in boredom and began to poke Lucifer, hoping to get a reaction out of him. The blonde just slammed my hand and went back to reading, causing me to glare at him before turning my attention elsewhere. Raphael was watching TV with Michael, and Gabriel was playing on my computer.
“You guys are so boring…” I muttered, before standing and walking into the kitchen to get myself something to eat. I reached to get some whipped cream before the best idea ever came to mind. I smirked before grabbing some ice cubes out the freezer and sneaking into the living room. I walked over to Gabriel first, but decided at the last minute to let him in on my plan. As I whispered into his ear his eyes lit up and I passed him the whipped cream, both of us standing and moving over to the sofas where Gabriel’s older brothers were unaware of our presence. I heard Gabriel counting down in my head and as soon as he got to one I shoved the ice cubes down the back of Lucifer’s sh
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 139 47
Angel Impersonation(Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: You find a trenchcoat among the boxes in the bunker.
It was another day of searching through the many rooms of the bunker. Today’s room of choice was one that was dedicated to clothes for various disguises and alias’, along with the occasional box of casual clothing.
“Why did they need so many ties?” Sam questioned. “This is literally the third box I’ve found stuffed with them."
“I don’t know but I must say, I sure do admire their collection of sunglasses,” Dean replied as he slipped on a pair of reflective aviators.
“Hey, hey guys look,” you said as you pulled on a trench coat that was very similar to a certain angel’s. “I’m an angel of the lord,” you said with a lowered voice.
“No thanks (y/n),” Dean said. “One angel is enough to deal with.”
“But Dean,” you said, still trying to sound like Cas, “I’m the one that gripped you t
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 898 288
Nico and his lolipop by BrunaGonda Nico and his lolipop :iconbrunagonda:BrunaGonda 42 6 Billdip by BrunaGonda Billdip :iconbrunagonda:BrunaGonda 91 8 Dippy Fresh and Human Bill Cipher (GIF) by BrunaGonda Dippy Fresh and Human Bill Cipher (GIF) :iconbrunagonda:BrunaGonda 221 11
Supernatural: Archangels X Reader
I had just finished my lunch when I heard a knock on my door, and when I opened it was surprised to see Chuck standing on my doorstep with four other males, two of which I recognised to be Lucifer and Gabriel.
“Chuck?” I asked, and the male nodded, giving me a hug.
“It’s good to see you again ____.” He murmured, before pulling away.
“You to… Would you like to come in?” I asked, opening the door wider.
“I would, but I can’t. I’m meeting up with my sister soon for a little chat… Anyway, there’s something I haven’t told you about me.” Chuck answered and I frowned.
“What do you mean?” I asked, a frown appearing on my face.
“Let me show you.” Chuck said, placing two fingers on my forehead. I felt the world spin and suddenly I was surrounded by a blinding light, that seemed to be filled with fire and electricity. It wrapped around me and a name popped into my head.
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 54 15
Supernatural: Chuck(God) X Archangels X Reader
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Are you busy at the minute?”
“No, why?”
“I need to ask you something.” My mom walked into the living room, a smile on her face.
“What’s wrong ____?”
“I’ve been alive for around sixteen years on this earth, right?”
“… Right…”
“I think it’s about time I got some information on who my dad is.” My mom’s eyes widened at my question and her mouth dropped, as if she was completely shocked at my question. “Come on mom, surely you knew this was coming.”
“W-Well… I suspected it would come some day…”
“So, can you tell me about dad? Who is he? How did you meet? What happened?” All my questions came out in one, my excitement and curiosity taking over.
“Woah, slow down. I’ll tell you everything I know, which I’m afraid isn’t a lot.” I nodded, feeling my sm
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 39 20


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